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Clickfunnels Review 2018 | Russell Brunson’s Masterpiece

After resisting plenty of funnel pieces in Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels masterpiece, I eventually gave in and signed up for the 2 week free trial. The game to learn the ins and outs of the Clickfunnels and what funnels are is what really intrigued me to join. Russell holds your hand the whole way showing you every piece of the puzzle, with loads of funnels along the way.

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I can’t blame him, the guy is very smart. If he can take you on a Clickfunnels journey, he might as well upsell you along the way. And it’s not like the content they’re triggering you to purchase is bad… I’m sure all of it is valuable, as for what I’ve gotten thus far has been.

I had no idea what the concept of a sales funnel was, and I learned it just from a few videos. Now I notice them everywhere and realize how many I’ve been in before.

Try a 2 week free trial for Clickfunnels here

Clickfunnels Review of the Game

So back to the game, I was definitely influenced by the incentive for free stuff to build a couple funnels. He offers first a free sticker after making the first few steps of the funnel, and then a free Clickfunnels t-shirt once it’s completed. That incentive alone really helped me to actually put the time in to make it, and I’m happy it did because I learned more than I can imagine. (The shirt was also really nice quality.)

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So now my two weeks have passed and of course, I forgot to cancel my subscription, so I was charged $97.00. Ouch. Once I was now invested that much, I figured I had to make the best use of this.

So after watching more of Russell’s videos, he encouraged me to write a list of things I can make funnels for and to think out what kind of funnel could work for it. I didn’t have any products to sell, so I reached out to a lot of people.

Now I haven’t yet tested any funnels yet, maybe because I’m writing this Clickfunnels review, but I built several prototypes. And I must say, Russell Brunson is a genius man. The whole process of building the funnels is so easy, after about 3 weeks of fooling around with it for an hour or two maybe 3 or 4 days a week… I can say I’m overly comfortable with the platform. It is so easy to customize and do things that seem impossible on things like WordPress. Not that you can’t do it, it’d just take so much longer.

Try a 2 week free trial for Clickfunnels here

clickfunnels review, clickfunnels, russell brunson, is clickfunnels a scam

Clickfunnels Review Conclusion, Like or Hate? 

So am I pro Clickfunnels? Absolutely. The $97.00 monthly charge hurts my soul, but that just means I gotta start making more. The landing pages are the cleanest you’ll find around and the customer service exceeds expectations.

Special thanks to Russell and his team for making this product. Hopefully it brings me riches as it’s brought many others.

Get your 2 week free trial for Clickfunnels here to get started on learning more about Clickfunnels.

As a matter of fact if you’d like me to build you a funnel, fill out the form below and we’ll figure out the best way for you to succeed.