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ICX Blog Post: From Someone who has 30% of a Clue when he talks about Cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: I am not telling you what to do with your money. I am just saying the road of the past month for ICX and the stories I’ve talked to semi-educated crypto persons about it. Do not take this ICX blog post as me telling you to invest your life savings into it. Because I am still clueless on how crypto could end up in the future, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. There’s no means of predicting such outcomes, it could revolutionize money, or could entirely crash and burn with the year or so. However, I am optimistic about it, and I believe in the concept behind cryptocurrency, but the because of the fear it endows on the banks and government, you never know what could happen.

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Now that that’s over with, onto the ICX blog content. ICX, or Icon as you will, appears to me as a blockchain technology that focusses on popular institutions. These include your banks, schools, hospitals, etc. Big things that are most needed in day to day things. Health care and all that type of good stuff. So basically, in my eyes, a blockchain is built almost as if an app. And from what I’ve learned, Ethereum (ETH) is the application used to build blockchain platforms.

What is Ethereum, ICX Blog

ALLEGEDLY! Once again, I’m not a crypto/blockchain or ICX expert. If my facts are wrong, which chances are they are, feel free to correct me in the comments.

So I read all this about what is ICX… and I thought, hmm.. since these industry-companies probably contain much of the wealth for they are things everybody uses, I guess if crypto works out this should be a pretty fire piece of the puzzle.

So I put a small fraction of my money when it was at $4.20 (perfect number to get in) and hoped for the best. At 4.20 it was on it way back up from about $3.80 (can’t remember exact number) but lowest it’s been for a while. Before the lowest drop, it reached over $12.00 at one point. Which rounds to almost 3x potential growth if it peaks out around there again! This was a much better number than most other cryptos I had been following and got me really excited.

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ICX Progress Since Bought

Within the next 10 days, it way up almost 5.50! I was so excited, and hoping for the 20’s! But then it came down.. and came down.. and came down.. and now I’m looking at it around 2.85. Sick. But that’s the name of the game people, you gotta ride out the lows to hit the highs, so that’s what I’m doing. Because I’m keeping the faith in the rise of ICX, I’m considering putting another chunk of change in now… because if that rises again to even just 5.50 it would be a huge win. But I’m a little b*tch so I probably won’t.

The person who put me on to ICX, who made thousands off ETH because he got in when it was $2 and change and has now seen over $1000.00, was in on ICX at $8.40, and he still has his hopes that it will rise again. Not that he really knows anything anyways but just saying.

ICX Blog, cryptocurrency

Final ICX Blog notes:

In terms of cryptos and blockchains, I like ICX, strictly for the concept behind it’s blockchain application. It’s targeted at the right niches, niches we all know make a steady buck. So if all the coins eventually take off, I think ICX will be a player.

ICX Blog Post written by: Tech For Tacos