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Does Apple Not Want Me To Learn iOS?

Ohh boy has it been an irritating relationship with with Apples IDE, Xcode. IDE stands for integrated development environment, and Xcode is what you can find in Apples App store to learn, practice and build apps. I determined I want to spend at least an hour a day on this coding platform, following an iOS 10 developer course by Udemy that I paid $10 for, pretty sweet deal. But my main issue is, why is my Xcode running slow?

why is xcode slow, why is my xcode running slow, coding, coding blogs, The experience so far with Udemy has been nice, but Xcode, don’t get me started. Xcode and I’s relationship is like the really horny guy dating his prudent¬† girlfriend. I push and push.. and wait and wait.. and I get no where until finally when I’m ready to give up, it gives in. Holy shit is it slow. It got to the point I can’t even stream my Udemy course on the same computer. Instead I have to play the videos through the Udemy App on my iPhone, or from another computer. Once I started doing that, the Xcode speed increased dramatically, but was still like watching paint dry.

Why Is My Xcode Running Slow?

Now, this speed issue could be a result of my MacBook Pro being 5 years old. The amount of crap I’ve downloaded and porn I’ve browsed could have definitely taken it’s toll on the IDE’s performance. However, everything else on my laptop is working smoothly, plus the app has a lot of poor reviews so I’m pretty sure it’s Apple to blame here.

Why Is My Xcode Running Slow, xcode running slow, xcode, xcode problems,

So Apple, Why is My Xcode Running Slow As Sh*t?

Do you not want us to learn you nifty language? Do you not want me to open my own App building business? Does you not want me to work as a freelancer and build people’s app ideas? Do you not want me to build my own apps that’ll make the world gasp in shock?!

Seriously Apple, what’s good with this IDE because I’ve used others and they are NOT this slow, for example: Flatiron School’s I get it, it’s a very complex system you got running hear, but you guys are a leading technological company – can you please get it together with Xcode and fulfill your user experience demands?

I just want it to run smooth and maximize my hour a day I put in to learning iOS! Instead of sitting around waiting for things to load and launch for an hour…

Or can you reach out to me and get me a new computer or something.. that would be cool too.